Affordable evening make up!

Hey everyone! today I thought I’d go with a beauty blog to change things up a bit. I personally really like dark OTT make up so I thought I’d go with whats known as evening make up but realistically I’d wear this anytime. I’m honestly not into make up as much as I used to be but I’m sure that’ll all come back to me when this little dude is out of my belly, but I’m still okay at it I think, even if I don’t know the technical terms for half of it. The way I learned make up was by using my mums make up as a little kid to do theatrical make up on myself, so I do apologise if I get anything wrong but I just kinda do make up the way I do it. There is no specific way I think. ♥

So Before I begin I just want to say I look like an absolute idiot in half of these pictures and I’m sorry if I scare you with my face, haha. Also due to pregnancy hormones and all that stuff I do have pretty bad skin but hopefully it will be okay again soon!

What you’re gonna need: 

Primer: You don’t need it really but it’s handy to have because it makes make up smoother to apply and also makes it last longer. I have Maycheer primer, It makes your skin hella smooth and also smells like watermelon! Good stuff. (Maycheer Primer £8.49)

Concealer: I personally didn’t use any concealer doing this look because I’ve run out, but you can use concealer. Green concealer hides red blemishes and lilac/pink cancel out any bruising or shadows. Yellow toned concealers are used for uneven skin tones.

Foundation: I have Make up academy Matte foundation in the colour Natural Ivory. It’s a little too light for my skin but you can’t notice too much once everything else is done. (MUA Matte foundation £4)

Powder: I have Make up academy matte powder too. MUA have really cheap make up but it’s usually pretty good. (MUA Loose powder £3)

Contouring powder/Bronzer: I have the Maycheer Contouring compact, I’m not sure how I managed to get one way to dark for my skin but I work with it. The product is of a good enough standard to not leave dark patches or lines on my face so the choice of colours doesn’t bother me too much.  The actual contouring and highlighting compact I was supposed to order is here.. (Maycheer contouring and highlighting compact £6.55)

Blusher: I have No.3 honey by Miss beauty London, I’m not sure where I got this but the packets have changed since. I like to use natural blushers because I like having a pretty neutral face even if my eyes and lips are OTT. (Miss beauty london blush £0.49)

Eyeshadow:I have a high brow palette and a smokey eye set that I used for this. I only used one shade from the high brow palette and the label has rubbed off over time so I’m not able to share what palette but I used it for the shimmery dark blue but any dark blue will work. As for the smokey eye set you can find these literally anywhere, just check at any drugstore and I guarantee you’ll find one of these kits.

Eyeliner: I have Rimmel London Scandal eyes Micro liner, It’s like a felt tip making it a billion times easier to apply than liquid or pencil because it’s just like drawing on your face and doesn’t run. It’s also really hard to smudge off when it’s dried so it’s a pretty good eyeliner. Would recommend. (Scandal Eyes Micro Liner £5.99)

Mascara: I have Rimmel London lash accelerator, I really like this mascara and It’s been the only mascara I’ve used for a while now. It makes my eyelashes 10x longer than they actually are and also I use it on my eyebrows because I think it gives a more natural textured look than powder. (Rimmel London Lash Accelerator  £9.99)

Eyelashes and Eyelash Glue: For this one I have a strict rule, It doesn’t matter how cheap the eyelashes are as long as the glue is decent. never use the glue you get with cheap lashes because it doesnt work. You’re better off buying a bigger bottle of decent glue you can use over and over. I have Eyelure black glue and cheap Poundshop lashes (not thick ones because they’re lower quality and don’t bend to the shape of your eyelid.) (Eyelure Lash Glue  £2.75)

Lipstick and Lip liner: I’m not entirely sure where my lip liner is from because it was a gift but any lip liner will do as long as it matches the lipstick you’ll be wearing, Mine is a sort of burgundy colour. I also have Matte Me liquid lipstick in the colour Velvet slipper, this is my favourite colour of lipstick right now and probably will be forever. (Matte Me Liquid Lipstick £4.99)

 I think I’ve covered everything you need, Of course if you have better quality make up this look will still work I just used my everyday make up that doesn’t cost too much to replace if I use it too fast ehe! ♥


You ready?

  • Start  off with a clean, moisturized face. Make up dries your skin out so if you want a nice application when you put your make up on you need to stay away from dry skin as make up sticks too it and makes you all patchy!

    Sorry about the face 🙂
  • Apply primer all over your face its spreads quiet evenly so you don’t have to use a lot. Make sure to cover everywhere including in the creases cause you want it to stay on all over not just on your cheeks and forehead.
    Maycheer Primer acts as a concealer as well as smoothing your skin. (it’s pretty good.)


  • Apply your Concealer (If you’re using it, I’m not.)
  • Then, Apply your Foundation. You can either use a foundation brush, your fingers (Wash your hands though.) or you can use a sponge. If you’re using a sponge it should be s
    lightly damp but not wet.
  • Evenly spread out your foundation and don’t use too much, the damp sponge will help it blend better and spread out more.
  • Next up, Powder. I personally don’t like loose powder but I use it anyway just because it lasts longer and you can use it for things like making glossy lipstick, matte. When you open the tubs they are a mess and in fact I spilt some while making this blog, all over myself. Anyway, I have my huge fluffy powder brush and its literally my fave brush ever. I pour some powder into the lid and dab my brush in it, if I havent poured too much into the lid I can usually get a pretty nice cover on my brush, enough to do my entire face.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Blush and Contour next. For my blush I only dab a little on with the end of my brush because I’m not really into blush, I just like having a little bit of colour to my cheeks so I don’t look ill ehe. For contour I use my Maycheer contour kit. I use the lightest in the kit because as you can see it’s a little dark for me.

    run your brush down your cheek bone in an angle, if you do it underneath your cheekbone the line will start lower and your jaw will look smaller.our kit, It’s a little dark for me so I use the lightest in there.
Aha don’t forget down the sides of your nose to make it look thinner.
only a little, you can add more if you need too.
  • For my eyeshadow I’m mainly going to be using my smokey eye kit but I’m also gonna use some blue from my high brow kit (I’ll try to find out what it is for you.) Start out high lighting your brow and covering your lid in white, (you can also do a little under your eye but I’m doing it later.)

    Haha, Ew…
  • You then wanna draw a v on the corner of your eye in black shadow, do it with a tiny angled brush so you don’t smudge it. I’ll show you what I mean.
  • blend the black inwards so it creates a smokey eye then add shimmery blue inside the V shape to make your eyes look all pretty and glittery 😀

    My eyes look weird aha woah
  • If you didn’t add the white under your eye before, now is when to do it because this is the last step for your eye shadow. It looks messy to begin with but when everything is complete it’ll look pretty and make your eyes stand out.





  • Do your eyeliner, follow the edge of your eyeshadow to keep it tidy (your eyeshadow doesn’t have to stretch out as far as mine but I like it this way, each to their own right?) With the liner I have I don’t really need too, but with other liners such as liquid sometimes I like to go over it twice to make sure it’s filled in, I don’t tend to use pencil, it hurts my eyelids aha.
    I told you it makes your eyes stand out ;D


  • Apply some mascara to your top and bottom lashes, try not to blink too much after or you’ll probably get little lash marks under your eyes.
  • After your mascara is dry (only if you want to obviously!) apply some false lashes. I use eyelure black glue so if it smudges it rubs off really easily without taking off your other make up. I only get cheap lashes because after wearing them once they’ll vanish. I should really look into buying them in bulk but honestly I just get them from Poundland, they’re alright as long as they’re the thin ones not the outrageous bushy ones, theyre too thick to bend to your eye.

    this picture is so unattractive, haha!


  • Don’t forget your brows, if you do draw yours on. I do mine with my contour kit (don’t judge me the colours are good.) an angled brush, and some mascara. I don’t really have many options for eyebrows because I lose my pencils, powder, everything really for eyebrows gets lost after about 5 minutes of owning it. So I just compromise, start with powder, use the lightest colour and work backwards on your brow starting from the outside going inwards. Use a pretty small angled brush to make it less likely to go everywhere. starting from the outside means that all the product on the brush goes on the end of your brow and blends inwards to make a faded effect on the brow. After shaping them however you want, get your mascara brush with the tiniest bit of mascara on it (like I mean tiny) and gently brush over your brows into the shape you want them. Don’t do it too hard or you’ll end up gluing your brows down with mascara haha.
  • Lip liner next! again, you don’t need this but I like it because it helps me apply lipstick neater by following where I’ve drawn. I draw my lip liner on by following right above the edge of my lips, this makes your lips bigger and you can kinda shape them how you want, but be careful or you could end with wiggly lipstick. (seriously, this has happened to me.)
I look fabulous, Okay?
  • LAST THING, lipstick. I prefer matte lipstick because it stays on longer and to be fair looks super cute. Apply it by following the lines, like you can see above and let it dry.

Let your hair down and you’re done!





So this is it, I hope you’ve learned something or at least  have enjoyed reading my blog today it was really fun making it and I’m super sorry all the pictures were dark (it was pretty late when I took them) or if I’ve rambled too much. Let me know anything you want me to do, and look into it! 😀 If you have any questions about any of the make up I used, comment or use my contact me form!:)


Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

Boo ♥








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