Neutral Make-up

Okay so first off I’d like to just say I had a bit of trouble with lighting since ive been busy all day and still wanted to publish something for you all to read since I haven’t posted in a few days. Although the pictures genuinely make my face look rank I want to apologise and just say that is just my face, not my make up and I promise if you follow what I say you’ll look stunning! (not that you don’t already! ehe)

So this look is gonna be a neutral look, I still want it to be glam and what not but with more natural skin toned colours. I can definitely say that natural colours can either make you look like a celeb or can make you look stupidly ill if you don’t get the tone right. (especially around the lip area.)

I don’t tend to use lots of different palettes for different looks and I try to work with what I already have instead of getting new palettes for one individual colour or a couple new colours. I’m too broke for that life and using what you already have teaches you new skills and uses up what you wouldn’t normally touch.

What you’ll need: (some are optional.)

Primer: This keeps your make up on, moisturizer, conceals and makes the application process so much easier as it smooths it onto your skin instead of your make up sticking to any dry skin and making it look patchy and gross.

Concealer: If you want to use this you can, I personally am not using it as I have run out and also think that if you’re doing natural colours sometimes wearing concealer with foundation, together can make your make up look a bit cakey.

Foundation : I have my MUA matte foundation still in natural ivory. This foundation doesn’t require you to wear a lot of powder but I still like to wear some anyway just to make sure i  don’t have a glossy effect on my skin ready for the next steps.

Powder: I use MUA Matte powder. It’s pretty cheap, Loose so you get more in a tub and also blends nicely onto the skin without creating patches.

Contour kit: I use my Maycheer 6 colour compact, I also use this for my eyebrows and a little for my eye shadow with this look as the different shades fit well with different uses, like the black powder wouldn’t be usable on my cheekbones but would be great for filling in my brows.

Highlighter: I don’t use highlighter a great deal but when I do I prefer to use a white or gold eyeshadow because I think it applies and highlights better than most highlighters I’ve personally come across, and with it being powdered eyeshadow it applies easier to a powdered face than  it would with creme highlighter,  which would stick to the powder base I have on.

Blush: although this is a neutral look I wanted to add a bit of colour to it to avoid looking like a zombie, I threw in some fuscia blush that came in a set. I don’t have a clue what it’s called but its a powder and applies nice and evenly to your skin.

Eyeshadow: I used 4 different eyeshadows for this look. White from my smokey eye kit, Gold and pink to make a rose gold effect in the middle of my eyelid which is from my high brow palette and also a tanned colour for the outside which came in a set of 2, but unfortunately the shadow smashed and has become actually a pretty decent golden brown colour (I also used my contour kit to make the shadows in the outer edge of my eye more prominent but that’s not eye shadow.)

Liner: With this look I’m still gonna be using my scandal eyes micro liner because it’s easy to apply, it’s black as coal so I don’t have to apply a lot and also has a really nice felt end to it so I can apply it neatly without it smudging.

Lip liner: The lip liner I have for this came in a set from college called ID FACE, it’s by the company called Dennis Williams and came in the DW ID: FACE make up kit, but it’s just a kind of pinky nude colour. I like it because it’s a pretty decent colour and also used as a lipstick instead of liner makes a pretty nice colour and finish, not making your lips look too dry.

Mascara: I used the same Rimmel London mascara as usual, the brush separates your lashes and applies mascara evenly to each lash, meaning no clumps like you get with big bushy brushes!

Lashes and glue : Same as before, cheap lashes, decent glue. I’m using the same Eyelure glue which finishes black to blend in with your liner, although you can get it in clear I prefer black because I  tend to wear eyeliner with every look so the glue blending in is important.

Lipstick: For lipstick I used a cheap Poundshop matte liquid lipstick,  I would recommend buying a slightly more pricey lipstick as poundshop make up is never really up to a good standard. Mine is just a make up gallery nude liquid lipstick by a brand called ‘Pout matters’ Honestly I would recommend getting a matte me version of this nude colour because this stuff doesn’t dry completely and comes off super easy whereas the matte me liquid matte lipstick stays on for hours.

Step one: The base

  • Always start out with a clean moisturized face to avoid build up in your pours and to make a cleaner, smoother finish. I’m sorry for the awful pics again, selfie’s forever making me an anxious mess.
    I look hilarious…



  • Then you want to apply your primer, all over. Distribute as evenly as possible, don’t forget your face creases. (the side of your nose etc.) ’cause this will help all your make up stay on.
  • Apply your concealer if you’re wearing it. Then move onto your foundation. This time im going to be using my flat top foundation brush, I don’t use this brush as often as I used too, This brush should apply your foundation quickly, neatly and give you an airbrushed effect. Although I prefer using a sponge because it blends evenly without any lines from your brush, these brushes are made to avoid that unlike normal foundation brushes.

    Foundation applied!
  • After your foundation, you’re going to want a bit of powder (or not if you prefer without.) And then using an angled powder brush and the lightest brown in the contour pack, shape your cheekbones, nose and if you want too, your jaw. (I line my jaw a little to give me a more defined jaw line, making my face look skinnier.) Don’t use a colour that’s too dark or you’ll end up looking like you have an awful foundation line, you just want the effect of a shadow.
  • Then apply your highlighter just above where you’ve lined your cheekbone to make obviously a highlighted, prominent effect.

Blush goes on the apples of your cheeks, you can tell where these are just by smiling! don’t use too much and remember to tap any excess powder off or it might spill down your cheek.

Like I said, I apologise for the quality. (After contour, Highlighter and blush.)

I almost forgot to mention! If you apply highlighter down the middle of your nose in between where you have contoured, your nose will look thinner and more defined. Also add a little highlighter (or white shadow, Up to you.) under your brow to highlight your brow bone.

Step two: your eyes!

  • Apply a white layer over your eyelid. I tend to use white as a base with any make up look. For this look a gold would do but my gold isn’t a solid enough colour to be a base colour so I’m just going to add that after.
  • Just like you would with a smokey eye look, take a small brush and work the tanned brown into the outer corner of your eye.
  • Blend the brown inwards so you don’t end up with giant brown circles around your eyes. Remember to start off small because you can always go back and add more.
    I am too beautiful ahahhaha


  • after you’ve applied enough in a ‘c’ shape to the corner of your eye, take a small amount of gold and pink eye shadow together to make a rose gold effect for putting where the white already is. This will make your eyes sparkle and add more of a skin tone colour on your eyelid instead of having pale white eyelids.
  • After this, go around the edge of your tanned colour with a slightly darker brown (I’m using my contour kit.) neatly outlining the already coloured area.



I know I look weird, and the flash is too flashy, but this is the finished eye shadow look without the eyeliner.
  • Apply your eyeliner, you can do this whichever style you prefer. I like to have winged liner that passes the starting point for my eye shadow. For this is used my micro liner because it’s easy to apply and dark enough to not have to go back over. You can use tape to make your liner match on each side but I don’t mind if mine is a little off. 16668045_1866275090328242_2009886515_o
  • When you’ve applied your eyeliner think about putting on some mascara, I do the top and bottom lashes but you can do whatever you like better. As I’m going to be wearing false eyelashes I think that having mascara on the bottom lash kinda levels out how heavy your eyes look. If you aren’t using falsies, then use a couple more layers of mascara to get big bold lashes.
    Bad Photo (eyelashes on)

    Step Three: Lips!

    This is only going to be a short section,

  • First take your lip liner, and draw around your lips, following the tiny white line that outlines your lips naturally. This will make your lips look fuller and also hold in any lipstick that may try to smudge around your lips. I have a pinkish lip liner for around my lips.
  • Then apply your lipstick! If it’s matte you’ll want to leave it too dry before trying to do anything with your mouth, if you’re using glossy lipstick but want matte, dab a little bit of loose powder over your lips to help dry out the gloss. (If your powder is not translucent your lipstick may come out a slightly lighter colour.) Try not to matte out any nude lipstick because it makes your lips look dry and makes you look pretty ill.

    Now let your hair down and leave your lips to dry and you’re done!


Finishing look! (once again sorry about the flash!)


Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you learned something new or even just enjoyed listening to me chatter! I’m so sorry for the photo’s next time I promise to do it in the day so I don’t have to use flash.
If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll answer to the best of my ability & I look forward to seeing you back for my next blog post!

Good day all! – Boo ♥





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