My Current thoughts on Labour: Before

Hey guys! As I’m getting close to finally popping the little guy out I thought I’d give you my thoughts on labour before the whole thing happens, and then I’ll give you an update after the whole thing.

How ready am I?

So at this point I have 2 weeks and 6 days left until my little boy is due and im terrified in some aspects but then I’m so totally ready to go back to normal, to be rid of heartburn and morning sickness, which by the way hasnt really left me my entire pregnancy.
I’m ready to hold him and change his nappies and watch him grow and learn and I’m sure he’s ready too.
My belly is huge, I struggle to get out of bed or get my shoes on or do anything that involves manouvering around the melon, even sitting with my legs up too high sets off my bladder then im back and forth to the bathroom because no matter how many times ive had a wee, there will always be more waiting to come out.

I honestly didn’t believe i was ready until a couple weeks ago and some parts of me believe im not still but I totally am. My body is lying to me. Once the pain is over and done with it’s over and done with, so wouldn’t it be better if it just happened already? and that’s what I’m struggling with now, because I can’t speed it up any but I know it’s coming but I don’t know when and I’m still yet to feel contractions, so much confusion… hurry little child but please… try not to hurt me… I’m fragile!

The stages of labour?

I haven’t looked into it a great deal and I’m sure I will more at some point but so far I know there is three all together, the first I believe is contractions and dilation of the cervix…. nice.

the second stage being giving birth to your actual baby, which is kinda exciting but kinda terrifying too, I’m not sure how i feel about this yet, im on and off with it, how long will the pain last, how long will it hurt after? you know that kinda stuff. But obviously on top of all that i get to meet little Opie! so everything will be okay in the end, aha.

The third stage guys, I almost forgot (Got caught up in all the emotions, sorry!) Delivering the placenta, yummy. I know some people eat it and some people dry it out and turn it into nutritional pills but I’m just gonna let it go, I don’t want that hanging around. For anyone who would like to eat or turn their placenta into pills then be my guest, It’s healthy and restores all the nutrients you lost while in labour.


But basically, what do I think?

I think the closer I get to giving birth the less it bothers me and the more im excited to meet my son. I know it’s gonna hurt, of course it’s gonna hurt! but pain is only temporary and after it’s all done and I’m all back to normal, everything totally would have been worth it, so while giving birth is a horrifying thought, how many people in this world,gave birth, felt the pain and still went back to do it again? I’ll be fine I think….


Anyway, I’ll let you know how I get on and see if my opinion changes, and I’m sure it will but for now I’m okay.

Thanks again for reading! See you next time. -Boo ♥


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